About Us

There is a place where tradition meets innovation and where the passion for natural and homemade flavor merges with the originality of flavors. That place is Casca Rija, a Portuguese brand that carries with it the essence of Less is More: Less ingredients More flavor in all the products it creates!a!

A journey that began with a bold dream and the determination to bring the best in nut butters to the world. Here, we believe in the simplicity of nature, the richness of natural flavors and quality raw materials. Each dried fruit is roasted in a unique way, carefully selected and all of them are transformed into butter, with a love that is reflected in each spoonful.

Our butters are the result of a demanding production process, but which recreates the homemade flavor, where dedication and attention to detail are non-negotiable. We believe that it is this dedication that makes all the difference in the flavor and quality of our products. And we cannot fail to mention our originality - in each bottle you will find flavors that go beyond the conventional, surprising your palate and making you fall in love with dried fruits all over again.

Today, Casca Rija is a treasure for all nut butter lovers. We offer a wide variety of 11 different types of butter, each with its own unique personality, ready for you to discover. But we don't stop there, we expand our horizons and offer a diverse range of healthy products not only for the end consumer, but also for business partners.

We are grateful to be recognized as a reference when it comes to quality nut butters. This motivates us to continue our journey, improving our products and always seeking excellence. Our history is written with each new recipe, each new product, each satisfied customer and each successful partnership.

By choosing Casca Rija, you are not just purchasing a product, you are joining a community that values ​​quality, authenticity and passion for natural flavors. Welcome to our family, where each jar of nut butter is a story of love, flavor and tradition, packaged especially for you. Together, we will continue to celebrate the richness of nature, the real ingredients and the original flavors it offers us.