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Smoked spicy paprika (ground)

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Ground Smoked Spicy Paprika: An Explosion of Flavor and Intense Aroma

Originating from the sunny regions of Hungary, Ground Smoked Spicy Paprika is the result of centuries of tradition in spice production. Hungarian farmers cultivate and harvest peppers with care, maintaining a practice that honors the country's rich culinary heritage.

Unmistakable flavor and texture

Explore a palette of intense flavors with ground Spicy Smoked Paprika. Its robust and spicy profile, combined with the softness of the smoke, provides a unique sensorial experience. The finely ground texture releases a burst of aroma and flavor with every pinch.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Rich in Capsaicin: The capsaicin present in hot paprika may offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.

  • Metabolic Stimulation: Some studies indicate that capsaicin can increase metabolism, helping to burn calories.

  • Source of Vitamin C: Contributes to immune health, being an excellent source of vitamin C.

  • Powerful Antioxidant: The presence of antioxidants in paprika can help neutralize free radicals.

  • Promoting Cardiovascular Health: Some components in paprika may support heart health.

Versatility in Cooking

  • Aromatic Seasoning: Add a vibrant, spicy kick to stews, sauces and marinades.

  • International Dishes: Explore recipes from different cultures, incorporating ground Spicy Smoked Paprika into dishes such as paellas, curries and chili.

  • Creative Appetizers: Give a special touch to appetizers like hummus, spreads and dips.

  • Meat and Barbecue: Enhance the flavor of grilled, roasted or barbecued meats with this striking spice.

  • Spicy Sauces: Create spicy and irresistible sauces for pasta, pizza and snacks.

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